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Surf Solutions Bedrack Product

The Bedrack with Lock
The Bedrack with Lock

This is the original Bedrack, the foundation for Surf Solutions; The Bedrack with Lock. This combination comes with the full Bedrack system with ear pieces for locking and four 18″ pad and strap combos. Commonly used to carry and lock many types of boards including; shortboards, funshapes, longboards, wakeboards, kiteboards, snowboards, etc. One rack is installed near the truck cab and the other near the tailgate, placed at any height. When carrying boards longer than the truck bed, either travel with the tailgate open, or stagger the racks so the one near the tailgate is higher up. This will angle the boards over the top of the tailgate.

Product includes:

  • Full Bedrack system with ear pieces for lock
  • Cable lock with adjustable combination, fin locking mechanism, and jaw pieces
  • Four 18″ pad and strap combos